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Do you want a management position? Get the career kick now

Since the Bologna reform, the European study system has been divided into Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The bachelor’s degree is the first step on the career ladder for students. Although it does not limit career advancement, a bachelor’s degree is often not enough to reach a well-paid management position. If you want to give your career another boost, you should add a master’s degree in management. We have summarized the options open to students here and what the management degree program entails.

If you want to climb the career ladder, you have to continue your education. Managers in particular should possess certain qualities. These include:

  • the ability to make decisions quickly
  • strategic thinking and acting
  • goal-oriented way of working
  • proactive behavior

For aspiring managers, knowledge in the field of management is essential. Therefore, it is recommended for bachelor’s graduates who aspire to a management position to pursue a master’s degree in management.

Objectives of the Master in Management program

The primary goal of the Master of Science in Management is to train students to become managers in business and administration. In addition, it aims to develop the next generation of scientists by providing them with more in-depth scientific knowledge in the following areas:

  • marketing
  • international management
  • information and logistics

Students should also be able to independently define complex problems and solve them using empirical methods after completing their Master of Management degree.

The following core areas make up the Master’s in Management:

  • Research and application orientation
  • Internationality
  • Interdisciplinarity

In particular, interdisciplinarity is a core feature of the program, as the linking of practice and theory are important characteristics of managers. Students can choose courses from the following areas:

  • Psychology
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Law

Master in Management: What opportunities students have

Many people feel the desire to be their own boss. The prerequisite is often a master’s degree in management. Many students complete this after their bachelor’s degree.

But those who are already in professional life and “only” have a bachelor’s degree often cannot simply quit their job overnight to pursue a master’s degree. Nevertheless, the career booster does not have to be put on hold. After all, there are several alternatives to earning your master’s degree after all. These include, for example, working abroad while studying at a university. Here, it should be kept in mind that the master’s program will probably be in English.

Another possibility are local distance learning universities. Here, for example, all the necessary knowledge required by a manager can be acquired by means of a part-time course of study.

Prospective students should discuss this topic with their employer. In many cases, the employer will pay part or even all of the costs for such a course of study. After all, companies also benefit from the continuing education of their employees.


A Master’s in Management can be a good way to climb the career ladder quickly and successfully. Whether at a distance-learning university, directly after a bachelor’s degree or abroad, anyone aiming for a management position should have certain skills that are taught in a master’s program in management.

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