dry ice machine for cleaning

Dry ice machine for home?

Dry ice machine for cleaning is a practical matter. Surfaces and objects can be cleaned in an environmentally friendly way as well as without leaving any residues.

Dry ice blasting for home use

A dry ice machine for cleaning provides efficient cleanliness throughout the house. Facades, fences, radiators, walls, upholstered furniture and terraces laid with stones can be cleaned. The devices are expensive from the purchase price. A dry ice blasting unit can quickly cost several thousand euros, which must first be amortized.

It can be thought about to lend the equipment accordingly against fee in the neighborhood. A calculation model, about which must be thought first of all more exactly. Depending on which device should be looked at and for which purposes a dry ice blasting unit is definitely worthwhile. Those who use it effectively will benefit from it for many years.

Removing stubborn dirt

Surfaces are removed thoroughly and gently with the dry ice machine. Many stains can be easily removed without leaving any residue. Dirt on sidewalks or courtyard driveways is a thing of the past with the dry ice blasting machine. If you want to remove the after-effects of winter from the underbody of your vehicle, you can easily do so with the dry ice blasting machine. Even the vehicle interior can be cleaned well.

Fighting dirt with dry ice

Dry ice cleaning is part of the compressed air blasting process. No chemicals are used. When cleaning with dry ice, this is used in pellet form. In this state, it is a compressed carbon dioxide snow. High pressure is used to shoot the dry ice onto the desired surface. This is an environmentally friendly process that very quickly cleans the desired items.

The big temperature difference, which suddenly and unexpectedly hits the surface, cools it down strongly. Fine cracks appear in the surface layer. Particles settle in these cracks. Upon impact by the cold gaseous state, these particles are sublimated. The desired layer of dirt to be removed is automatically detached. The surface is not damaged.

Gentle cleaning of surfaces

How long the dry ice blaster is active depends on the degree of contamination. The process can even last only a few minutes. For a facade, of course, more time is needed. Cold-sensitive surfaces must not be treated. Damp and wet surfaces must be dried first. Even wooden surfaces can be treated. Even electrical appliances can be freed from dirt.

Despite the initial cost, dry ice cleaning is inexpensive compared to other compressed air blasting methods. There are no costs for the use of chemicals, gravel or water. The pellets cost about 1 to 5 euros per kilogram. Anyone who wants to use the dry ice machine for cleaning from white-lion.eu to clean their facade will be delighted.

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